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Here’s how it works:

1. Create/Complete district form/worksheet.
2. Turn in assignment DIGITALLY...
  • After completing an assignment, need to first share it with the proper people needing to view/edit it.
    • NOTE: best practice to create a shared FOLDER and SHARE it with those people once... then anything they put in the folder will automatically be shared correctly.
  • Open the document to be "turned in" and COPY (Ctrl + C) or (Command + C) the web address (URL) .
  • Open DIGITAL SUBMISSION FORM, fills in appropriate cells/information, and PASTE (Ctrl +V) or (Command +V) the url LINK to their shared document.
  • If a someone is asked to fix and update something they already turned in... they do NOT need to re-submit as the URL does NOT change.

YouTube Video

Digitial Dropbox - Rio Schools