Publish Responses

Follow these steps when you want to PUBLISH the visual charts and graphs that are automatically created when a Google Form is submitted...

  1. Publish Response Summary
    • Edit Form> More Actions> Publish Response Summary  (uncheck must login to view)
  2. Copy/Paste the URL of Summary Page
    • Go to Live Form> 
      • in URL/address bar in browser window find the words VIEWFORM
      • change the word FORM to . . . ANALYTICS
      • highlight the entire URL/ address . . . CTRL + C  (Copy)
  3. Embed URL in Website via iFRAME
    • Open Google Website . . . edit page (pencil icon)
      • using SEARCH feature find ... iFRAME ... and install
      • PASTE the URL into the iFRAME configuration ... 
        • leave all other Default settings - however play with the size of iFrame to showcase your results