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Part 1 -    Welcome/Overview  Please fill out form -->
                The Challenge... Presentation
                Workflow Brainstorm via   Collaborative Notetaking                
                DRIVErs Ed
                    -Getting Organized
                            - Student Dropbox Folder Directions                                   
                    -SHARING powers
                    -Activity - Power of the URL
                            - "File Make a Copy"
                            -  Make it SHORT and to the point.
Part 2 -    OMG - "Oh My Google"
                    - Creating the Paperless Classroom Structure
                     - Activity - Olympic Dreams Essay
                                - Commenting / Editing
                                - Research Tools
                                - Digital Dropbox
Part 3 -   Automation is the Key
                       - Activity - Slay the DOCTOPUS  YouTube Video

Resources to make Your Own . . . 

HD Template - Student Dropbox Setup Instructions


Collboration Lists

Mr. Scheibach's - Digital Dropbox Form

HOW TO ... Use Digital Dropbox

Other HELPFUL Links & Resources...
  • Official Google USER GUIDES  
    Here are the official Google produced user guides for all the Google Apps Product line.  Included are mappings of Outlook features to Gmail features which help people transition easier.