Now that you understand how the harness the power of Google FORMS... why NOT eliminate the assignment "paper chase" in the classroom.  Follow the steps below and you will be ready to collect your student's URL to their assignment . . . making it easier to grade. 
Here’s how it works:

1. CREATE - Digital Submission Form:
  • Teacher creates simple Google Form.
    • Select the fields to include in the form that you want to use to help sorting in the future.
    • Teacher may want to create separate form for each class period to keep you organized.
    • Teacher will have to go back and edit "Assignment title" question and add future assignments.
  • To add a layer of authentication, a teacher may want to select the option to require the user to be signed into their school Google Apps account.
  • Share the Form link with your students through simple website hyperlink.

2. Students submit their assignment digitally...
  • When a student completes an assignment, they need to first share it with their teacher.
    • NOTE: best practice to create a shared FOLDER and SHARE it with teacher once... then any assignment they create will automatically be shared correctly.
  • Students COPY (Ctrl + C) or (Command + C) the web address (URL) of the shared document / assignment.
  • Student now opens DIGITAL SUBMISSION FORM, fills in appropriate cells/information, and PASTES (Ctrl +V) or (Command +V) the url LINK to their shared document.
  • **NOTE** - it is important for teacher to set expectations that if an assignment is NOT shared correctly with the teacher, it is considered LATE. Just because you submit does NOT mean turned in on time. Reason for this is because students try to use this loophole saying they turned it in and forgot to SHARE. Then they get few more hours or days to complete the assignment and finally share with teacher.
  • If a student is asked to fix and update an assignment, they do NOT need to re-submit as the URL to the assignment does NOT change.

3. Teachers now grade assignments...
  • Teachers can use the spreadsheet and URL link and simply CLICK and GRADE.
Please remember to share your document with ME before sending me the link.  An document that is not share appropriately by the DUE DATE will be considered LATE!

Google Spreadsheet Form