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BASIC -Saving Time and Energy w/ Forms v2

Resources: These are updated to the NEW training center!

Forms in the classroom - support
Create and customize a form - support
Collect form responses - support
View form results and share - support
Design and deliver quizzes and tests - support
Structure peer reviews and feedback - support
Check and submit assignments - support
Log students information into a database - support
File and track school-wide requests - support

Google Forms--
Follow Kern Kelley's blog on how to create a turn in form to help teachers organize.

Various YouTube videos out there that explain aspects of Google Forms.
Great Resource that explores over 80 ways you can use simple to complex forms in a classroom.

Google Scripts--
Here's the simplest script and explanation on how to send an email confirmation to someone who's listed an email in  a Google Form.
            Chad Kafka's Blog about automating the FormEmailer Script.

HT explains a way to add a script to Google form to automate process of creating a form letter or document.

Script where requires users to login to complete form but then only allows 1 submission of the form.

Grading online (Google Form) quizzes/assignments - Automatically.

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